About the Artist

Mary Ellen Slenker is an American painter currently living in Bradenton, Florida.  A New England native, her paintings excel in the use of color and her distinctive personal style emanates joy as she expresses her vibrant spirit on the canvas.


As a child she displayed an innate gift at an early age and refined that talent with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Her love of children and art culminated in a 35 year career as an art teacher in Connecticut.   Since retirement Mary Ellen has spent countless hours exploring and deepening her talents and now enjoys creating complex art using  watercolor, oil, pastels, pencil and charcoal.


A life long animal rights activist, and pet-mom to animals too numerous to list, Mary Ellen has captured the heart and soul of many well-loved animals in the greater Tampa Bay area.  Portraits, landscapes and nature scenes are all brought to life with a keen eye for color, light and composition.  Mary Ellen’s philosophy is simple: “Be passionate.  Paint what you love, and love what you paint”.


As the President of the Lakewood Ranch Art League, and an active resident of the Lakewood Ranch community,  Mary Ellen has donated many hours of her time and talent to charity as well as numerous commissioned paintings to silent auctions to raise money for good causes.  She has served as a Compliance Officer for the West Coast Florida Watercolor Society. Her artwork has been shown at exhibits in Connecticut and Florida.


A collection of her talent may be viewed at www.maryellensartwork.com/

     Artist Mary Ellen Slenker with her amazing Pet Portraits

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